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Foullet Logistics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. is by the Trade and Industry Bureau, the Department of Transportation, and the Foreign Economic and Trade Commission approved the national level of international transport of goods and freight forwarding business. The company has a high-quality, proficient in the international logistics of professional personnel and improve the computer operation and advanced communication system. Dedicated to provide customers with "safe, efficient and efficient" service!

2013 to open up the European tax line, the Americas tax line, the Australian tax line, the Canadian tax line, Japan and South Korea tax line and other global green business, providing door to door one-stop service. As well as cross-border electrician sellers to provide overseas warehousing, international green, international packets, international express, FBA first-class logistics services and tailor-made for cross-border electricity more convenient, low-cost, high professional, all-round one-stop Integrated logistics solutions. Since the establishment of the company with a number of well-known airlines and shipping companies to establish a strategic partnership, to create a sound logistics network. And international courier companies: FEDEX, UPS, DHL, TNT, EMS, international companies such as green and established a good agent relations of cooperation. Regardless of your guests in the world that area, our service can make your goods safe, fast and accurate to reach your guests in the hands.


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